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Fulvic Acid - The #1 Anti-Aging Powerhouse

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Fulvic acid is a critical nutrient and one of the most powerful antioxidants known for skin health. Containing 75 trace minerals, fulvic acid transports nutrients vital for collagen production deep within the skin. It prevents oxidation and free radical damage with antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties while assisting in every stage of cellular rejuvenation.

Pioneering the use of fulvic acid in the skin care industry, GlyMed Plus has formulated three incredible products that are revolutionizing skin health.

Skin Restoring Fulvic Elixir: Formulated to showcase the power of fulvic acid, this serum targets the challenging conditions of aging skin, allergies, inflammation and acne while stimulating healing to restore younger-looking, more radiant skin.

Skin Bliss Oil Control Masque: Specifically designed to reduce excess oil production and balance the skin, this masque is packed with powerful antioxidants and electrolytes to help detoxify skin cells and balance pH levels to support the immune system in fighting bacteria linked to acne breakouts.

Skin Bliss Hydrating Masque: Developed to lock in moisture and bring botanicals to soothe and heal the skin, this masque hydrates, stimulates and plumps the skin at the cellular level and will leave your client with a tranquil and pampered feeling.

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