Synergy Leads to Treatment Effectiveness


To purchase Mesocomplex products or any Mesotech products, please visit www.mesotechusa.com or call 305-767-4222.

Mesotech provides the most complete line of professional skin care products developed and produced in Italy, evolved from extensive scientific research and the dedication of a team of professionals.

The Mesotech range of mesococktails is better defined as Mesocomplex, thanks to their original formulations in which unique ingredients are selected and combined in order to create a synergistic action aimed at counteracting and preventing aging, stetch marks, hyperpigmentation, cellulite and fat, and hair loss. It's the most complete line of professional skin care products to restore and correct flaws and cutaneous imperfections.

The hallmarks of Mesocomplex

  • Impact ingredient—in order to give an immediate and visible result.
  • High concentration of actives—to avoid the body habit, which is generally the main limit for the effectiveness of all the mesococktails available today on the market worldwide.
  • Antioxidant ingredient—to balance free radical levels. Free radicals increase after every treatment.
  • Excipients—the role of vitamins and minerals is essential, because they contribute to the chemical balance and chemical link of the ingredients.

Without the excipients or with an inadequate use of them, it will never be possible to have any synergy, and this translates into a low treatment effectiveness.

To order your Mesocomplex or any Mesotech products today, or to learn more about the company, visit www.mesotechusa.com or call 305-767-4222.

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