Rhonda Allison's Chamo-Weiss Liposome Power


Chamo-Weiss Liposome Power is a powdered booster that penetrates the deeper layers of the epidermis. The herbal ingredients like chamomile flower extract and Edelweiss extract in the formula for this booster relieve rosacea-prone, dry, sensitive and inflamed skin. 

This powder booster can be added to Rhonda Allison enzymes, peels and masks designed to help rosacea and sensitive skin to help boost the results. It can also be used as a finisher in serums and moisturizers to help calm inflammation and provide additional hydration.

Key Ingredients

  • Chamomile Flower Extract
  • Edelweiss Extract
  • Vitamin C
  • Echinacea Root Extract
  • Centaurea Cyanus Flower Extract

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