What is a DD Cream for the Feet?


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Skin care manufacturers have touted and sung the praises of BB, CC and DD creams, all of which are smoothing and rejuvenating treatments for the face. However, with all this recent dermatological innovation, little attention has been paid to the lower extremities ... until now, that is.

“Our feet strike the ground approximately 10,000 times per day and absorb more than 600 metric tons of force. We walk 115,000 miles in a lifetime, covering four times the circumference of the Earth, yet feet still remain one of the most neglected areas of the body,” states Katharin von Gavel, founder and CEO, Footlogix.

Footlogix Pediceuticals—the foremost authority on foot care—is elated to announce the launch of another industry first, the creation of its revolutionary new Footlogix DD Cream Mousse, which provides double defense protection for the skin on the feet.

Clients and nail technicians both will enjoy the features and reap the benefits

Whereas BB creams are the beauty balms and CC creams are the complexion correctors, Footlogix Pediceuticals DD Cream Mousse is the “double-defense, for the skin of the feet,” a super-hydrating, yet lightweight creamy mousse. Formulated with Dermal Infusion Technology, this unique, fragrance-free, spirulina microalgae and urea-infused mousse locks moisture into the skin with each application, day or night, to soothe and transform troubled feet. It softens and protects the skin against dryness and cracking by replenishing the skin’s moisture in the epidermis.

In addition to these hydrating benefits, the active patented spirulina microalgae extract in this mousse harbors a spectrum of regenerative effects. Studies have shown Footlogix DD Cream Mousse also has well-documented antimicrobial potential and the formulation not only hydrates the skin, but also smoothes it,  as well. Starting January 2014, using the large professional-sized product, nail technicians and service providers will be able to include the DD Cream Mousse in the final part of the Footlogix Professional pedicure, right before application of the Footlogix Massage Formula. In addition, consumers can continue the daily foot care routine in the comfort of their home, with the retail-sized option.

“Our double-defense mousse with its patented spirulina antimicrobial microalgae is a nongreasy formula that contains no alcohol, fragrances or synthetic oils, and is absorbed into the skin immediately. Simply apply and go. This new addition to the Footlogix Pediceuticals line will provide long-term, transformational benefits, taking your clients’ feet "from woe … to WOW!” states von Gavel.

Application is fast, easy and cost-effective, too

A little product goes a long way: a walnut-sized amount of the Footlogix DD Cream Mousse per foot, applied thoroughly on to clean, dry feet at bedtime, will provide deep overnight hydration. No need to wear socks at bedtime, since the DD Cream Mousse is absorbed immediately into the epidermis. “For optimum results, use the DD Cream Mousse twice daily—morning and night—for one week, and then continue one application every night.

"With shipping starting in January 2014, everyone will be able to benefit from the latest in truly transformational foot care, from Footlogix Pediceuticals,” concludes von Gavel.

About Footlogix
Footlogix Pediceuticals is a unique lightweight, nongreasy, fragrance-free, mousse-based product line, with Dermal Infusion Technology (DIT). DIT is the delivery system that carries the active ingredients past the stratum corneum into all the layers of the epidermis, helping to restore it to a healthy state. The resulting benefit to the skin of the feet: With no greasy outer layer to occlude it, the skin is hydrated and retains its ability to function normally, resulting in healthy, happy feet. With results seen in a mere few days—from curing simple dryness to addressing more severe concerns—the unique Footlogix formulations have been clinically proven to transform the skin and nails on the feet “from woe … to WOW!” resulting in well-cared-for feet that they dare to bare.

Footlogix is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, and is a trusted and renowned brand in the professional spa and salon industry, now available in discerning spas and salons in more than 22 countries around the world.


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