Are You Using Steam During Your Facials?

Facial With Steam
Are you using a steamer in your facial treatments?

Steamers can be a great way to open up the pores and soften the skin during a facial treatment. They are often used before extractions, but can also be used throughout a treatment for a myriad of purposes. 

Roughly 73% of our Skin Inc. readers answered our poll sharing that they do use steam during their facial treatments. It is important to steer clear of steam when treating clients with sensitive skin or rosacea, as the steam can be irritating or drying to these skin types. It is also important to make sure to check in with your clients when using steam, and make sure it is not impacting their airflow during the treatment.

For clients that are able to partake in this addition to a facial, there are some amazing benefits. 

Top 3 Benefits of Facial Steaming

  1. Softens Skin. While steam does not "open the pores," it does soften the skin. This makes it easier to unclog pores through an extraction process. This means that steam can be particularly beneficial for clients dealing with stubborn blackheads and congested skin.1
  2. Improves Circulation. The warm steam paired with perspiration from the skin dilates the blood vessels. This in turn boosts blood flow and nourishes the skin while delivering oxygen.2 The increase in circulation also helps to boost skin radiance. 
  3. Enhances Product Penetration. The combination of clearing out the pores and softening the skin also makes for better product absorption into the skin. For estheticians this is why it is a great option to perform prior to any masks and serums. 

Getting Steamy

There are a myriad of other benefits that steam offers, including amplifying skin hydration, boosting exfoliation and helping to clear out acne. This means that steam can be great for a wide range of clients and can be a useful device to keep in your treatment room. It is also a nice way to add a boost of relaxation into your clients treatment, and it can even be paired with some hot and cold therapy options. 

The versatility of this device is hard to miss.


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