Eyelash Extension Certification

Jun 26th, 2017
Jun 27th, 2017
Des Plaines, IL , US
Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular as clients with sparse or short lashes look to achieve fuller, more dramatic lashes. The New Age Spa Institute eyelash extension class will teach students everything they need to know about eyelash extensions including: types of lashes, proper application including which lash to use for each eye type, safety, and hygiene, tips and tricks for successful lash extension services, lash removal and troubleshooting. With our lash extension classes, students will see demos and work hands on and $300 value product kit is included in the price of the class! This eyelash extension certification class is NOT product specific and will allow students to work with any brand of their choosing to create the best look possible. To obtain an eyelash extension certification, students must pass and practical and written exam. 2 sets of lash extensions must be completed post-training.