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Play It Safe With Summer Treatments

By: Rhonda Allison
Posted: April 30, 2013, from the May 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Educating clients about potential summertime dangers is only half of the process. It is also important to ensure understanding and develop a plan.

  • Recommend that clients schedule the treatment at a time when they can stay home for a week watching movies or catching up on their reading list. This goes into effect immediately after the peel is completed.
  • Ask clients to bring a large-brimmed hat or provide a coat stand filled with “loaner” hats. Have them park near the front door or, if that is not possible, have their car brought to the door. You might also get the air conditioning going so the car is cool when they get in, because often, when a car door is opened in the heat of summer, it is like opening an oven.
  • Provide clients with a bottle of water and encourage them to drink it all the way home. Finally, instruct them to go straight home, park in the garage, and avoid all heat and sun exposure.

If a client will not follow your instructions and guidance in this instance, you should not perform the service.

These precautions are not meant to discourage against summer treatments; instead, they are to serve as a reminder of potential complications in an effort to avoid damaging outcomes and undesirable results. With awareness, proper planning and creative summer-themed treatments, you can support clients in obtaining healthy, glowing skin.

Flavors of the season

Peels and enzymes are great for correcting skin issues, as well as nourishing the skin and helping it to defend against free radicals. (See Hibiscus and Vitamin A Peptide Summer Peel.) Capture the scents of the season by using ingredients such as the papain and bromelain to create tropical aromas. (See Sensational Summer Ingredients for additional ingredient ideas.) Along with delicious scents, treatments may also be adjusted for a more cooling summer experience. This is done by simply chilling topicals, masks and spritz formulas before applying them, or by gently rolling chilled ice globes over the skin. Microdermabrasion is another great option for a summer corrective treatment. This mechanical exfoliation lifts away dead skin cells and stimulates at the collagen level. It is a valuable summer service and works well in conjunction with low-strength enzymes and acids.

Although there are many choices, select enzymes and acids that support the correction and repair of the skin, but that are not contraindicative of the season. Generally selecting peels that are superficial and more progressive is a wise choice. Veteran clients who know the routine and what to expect may do well with more aggressive peels; but always use caution and adhere to the guidelines listed on the product.

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