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Waxidents Happen!

By: Crickett
Posted: March 1, 2014, from the March 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Waxidents Happen!

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If the damage has already been done, and there is no saving the brow, it’s time to get creative. This is one of the reasons carrying brow products comes in handy. Give your client a lesson in the art of filling in the brows, and send her home with a nice new brow pencil or powder. They will appreciate your eagerness to rectify the situation and probably be a client for life.

3. The labia or scrotum is torn

This is the most serious of the sticky situations. To clarify, there is a difference between lifted skin and torn skin.

Lifted skin is when a thin layer of dead cells are removed, revealing live cells underneath. This is like an abrasion on the skin. Typically, there is no blood involved and often, you don’t even know that skin has been lifted.

Torn skin is just what it sounds like. A tear has been created in the skin, causing bleeding and often the need for stitches—there is no mistaking a torn labia or scrotum. There are only two reasons why the labia or scrotum can be torn during waxing: poor technique on the part of the technician, or the client has undisclosed contraindications, such as medications or conditions that have caused the skin to be compromised.

For the most part, improper technique is the No. 1 cause of a torn labia or scrotum, and it can happen regardless of the wax used, but is more common with soft (strip) wax.