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Waxidents Happen!

By: Crickett
Posted: March 1, 2014, from the March 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Waxidents Happen!

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When this happens to you, it’s like an out-of-body experience, meaning you want out of your body—now! There is almost nothing as terrifying as a sticky, goopy, unremovable waxing nightmare.

Why does wax get sticky and goopy in the first place? The temperature of the skin plays a big part. Whether it’s of the hard or soft variety, wax begins to dry when it is applied to the skin, and hard wax typically dries quicker than soft wax. However, when the skin is warm, it can greatly slow or stop the drying process and, in fact, raise the temperature of the wax, creating an even
stickier, goopier mess.

This issue most commonly occurs in the bikini area. In particular, the labia is the most common area for wax to turn into a sticky mess because the labia is a very warm part of the body.

In fact, anything that increases body heat can increase the sticky factor. If it’s a warm day outside, if your room is unusually warm, or if your client is just coming from a workout at the gym—all of these can create the perfect waxing storm. Additionally, when wax is applied incorrectly to an area with longer hair—1/2 inch or longer—it can become matted in the hair, creating a sticky situation.

If you don’t know how to deal with this issue, you will spend a lot of time pulling and tugging at your client in an attempt to get the wax or wax strip off of them. This type of pulling and tugging is not only mentally stressful, it puts a great deal of stress on the skin and can cause severe damage.