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Profit from Eyebrow Design and Brazilian Waxing

By: Crickett
Posted: November 25, 2008, from the December 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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When it comes to these and other life challenges, finding the confidence to accept and face them is what makes the difference. Following are some ways to feel secure enough to wield the wax spatula.

Education. In order to perform the advanced services of eyebrow design and Brazilian waxing, proper training is needed. Education takes the mystery out of these services and makes them more accessible. It teaches the skills and techniques needed to execute these treatments with ease. Whether you learn best from hands-on classes, books, videos or a combination of these methods, proper training gives you the base on which to build your skills, and the confidence you need to know you can do it.

Realization. Eyebrow design and Brazilian waxing are specialized services. There is a certain degree of difficulty that comes with performing them on both a technical and a mental level. Learning and practicing correct waxing techniques is just the beginning. The difficulty comes when the wax meets the skin of a paying client.

Acceptance. You are not going to be perfect at performing an eyebrow design or Brazilian wax service your first time out; there is a learning curve. Practice is key. How much practice? Only you can answer that question, but with the right training, a little patience and a lot of persistence, you will be designing and waxing like a pro in no time.

A great investment

Invest in your future and yourself. Conquer the fear and gain the confidence to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from profiting off of these very popular services. The bottom line: Clients want these services, and they are willing to pay for them, and if you aren’t providing them, your competitor will. One little can of wax just might be the best investment you’ll ever make.