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Skin Synergy: The New Equipment Equation

By: Whitney Johnson
Posted: October 31, 2013, from the November 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Skin Synergy: The New Equipment Equation

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For rosacea or reactive skin, incorporate an oatmeal mask with iontophoresis or a cool peltier. Don’t have either of these? Freezing spoons and using them to gently massage the face can also provide a cooling effect on the skin. You can also place a gel mask in the fridge or on ice for a few minutes before using it on your client.

  • Home-care recommendation: Suggest clients use a vitamin-based serum at home underneath a mask or moisturizer for additional lightening benefits. Also, if clients are in need of skin-soothing, send them home with a spot treatment or a serum that can be used all-over on days the skin is experiencing a flareup. Have them place it in the fridge for that added chill.
  • 5. Microcurrent and Botox. Energize or firm aging skin by muscle re-education with microcurrent. It is also excellent for prolonging the effects of Botox injections.

    • Low-tech method. Don’t offer muscle re-education to your clients? Incorporate iontophoresis, along with an anti-aging, vitamin-based serum, followed by key massage movements that remodel fascia, the underlying support system of muscles. Prevent the activation of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) enzymes, which can breakdown elastin, by using ingredients such as yeast extract, white tea and palmitoyl tripeptide-5.
    • Home-care recommendation. Override elastin breakdown and send your client home with an age-fighting and repairing serum, as well as key acupoint techniques to do each night to help strengthen muscles.

    Home-care equipment

    Just as today’s client insists that professional skin treatments merge easily into her frenetic schedule, many technologies that once were exclusive to the professional setting, may now be used at home to expand and reinforce the benefits of the skin care professional’s treatment. Some tools that have been adapted for the client to use at home include:

    • Brush systems;
    • Ultrasonic blades;
    • LED light therapy;
    • Various hand-held high-frequency and acne-fighting spot treatment appliances; and
    • Various exfoliation products ranging from granular scrubs to chemical exfoliation.


    Regardless of the level of technology you embrace into your practice, never lose sight of the fundamental humanity of professional skin care. Skin care professionals should be concerned not only about touching and caring for skin, but also about the person beneath the skin. The effectiveness of skin care technologies are enhanced when the whole person is encountered and cared for with respect, intelligence and compassion.