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Sunset Season

By: Abby Penning
Posted: July 23, 2008, from the August 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Wiebelt adds that the creamy lips aren’t just limited to the darker colors, noting, “There really isn’t a lot of shine this season. We’re seeing a creamy finish for the mouth—a more matte stain—in everything from soft beige to the more natural lip tones.”

Barely there cheeks

To complement the colors of the eyes and the lips, the cheeks are also toned down for fall, giving way to the fresh look of healthy skin. “This season, a big difference I’m seeing is that there is hardly any blush, so the whole face doesn’t look overly done,” says Corey. “And because everyone’s not so heavily made up, it goes with that whole relaxed feel.”

Bosley says that any touch of a hue should just be hinted at. “The neutral, flawless finish is a must for the season,” she explains. “Brighten up cheeks with a pink or light berry-toned blush, but sparingly.” And with the pale dusting of color, Taubman-Walker adds, “Cheeks are a really soft powdery pink, and we are getting into doing a lot of contouring and emphasizing the cheekbones with that.”

“In terms of blushing and contouring, it’s a very monochromatic look,” comments Wiebelt. “If you are using warm colors on the rest of the face, you should pair that with something warm—a soft taupe or bronze on the cheeks—to match the gold tones. If you are going cool, use maybe a cranberry to match the cool undertones.”

Craig also urges the need to keep things simple on the cheeks. “The complexion is lighter going into the fall and generally fall colors are warmer anyway, so you don’t need as much blush,” she notes. “Just a natural touch of blush will be perfect, with just a kiss of a more pink shade for nighttime.”

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