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Sunset Season

By: Abby Penning
Posted: July 23, 2008, from the August 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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That sparkle of shimmer is also helping to bring an extra touch of drama to the eyes. Eiseman notes, “You can easily experiment with all the textures—the incandescent, the glitter, the shimmer. People are fascinated with shimmers, gleams, glitters and metallics, and their changeable qualities. Its something where people have to stop and look, something they can’t ignore.”

Whisper soft

When moving to apply color to the lips this autumn, there is a definite contrast from the palette for the eyes. “There’s either really soft colors, almost no lip at all, or a really rich lip, like a stain patted on,” says Corey. “If the lips are really strong, then there’s not much definition on the eye, and vice versa, where if the eye is dark and strong, the lips are barely there, like they’re just wearing lip balm.”

Wiebelt sees the lighter shades too, saying, “The lips are going more with a nude or even a mouth-tone color. There will be more of that crimson shade for the holiday season, but overall, it is a very clean look.” Intentionally done to let the eye shades shine, Luque explains, “With the paler lips, the eyes can make more of a statement.” But that doesn’t mean the lips have to completely fade out, as Corey notes, “I’ve seen the beigy, skin-toned lips done with a gloss, which was very pretty and had a nice sexiness.”

A dressed-down mouth during the day, however, can swing to a bolder look in the evening hours. “There is a lot of that natural, pink color for fall, but the lips for the night look also have a richer darkness,” says Craig. Bosley echoes this idea, noting that brown-red and burgundy shades are appearing as common nighttime lip hues, and that copper, plum and coral are also being used to make a statement.

Taubman-Walker encourages women to try out the darker shades in red or plum as well, but notes that the finish is still a little more neutral. “Where before we were seeing lips either really matte or shimmery, this time it is a true, creamy, moisturized look,” he says.