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Sunset Season

By: Abby Penning
Posted: July 23, 2008, from the August 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Highlighting the facial features, autumn’s rich colors will once again be used, and deepening hues will be a staple on eyelids and in eye liners, with Luque saying, “I’ve been seeing a lot of richer jewel tones—deep greens, rich golds, purples, sapphires and smoky slates. Fall is always a little bit more dramatic and has more of that kick.”

Even with the deepening colors coming though, eye techniques from seasons past are continuing to be the trend. “We’re still hanging on to the smoky eye look going into the fall, only now it is more clean and defined,” Taubman-Walker says. “Where last fall and spring it was kind of a messy smoky eye, this time its going to be really refined and sharp. And the colors that will be big are a soft charcoal and plum.”

Laura Craig, a licensed esthetician and makeup artist with von Natur, agrees, saying, “A lot more people can wear plum, rather than the usual black or dark gray for the smoky eyes, and you can even sort of fake the smoky eye with a blue or deep green shade.”

Bosley also notes, “The best smoky eyes are not just black and gray, but updated with olive or safari green and golden brown shadows, and they’re dramatically lined with black, dark navy, teal, burgundy or gold.” And when going with the bold colors on the eye, incorporating a lighter touch on other areas can be a good idea. “I’m seeing everything from a cat-shaped eye to a heavier smoky eye in rich colors of bronze, brown and charcoal,” says Corey. “Though with mascara, I’m not seeing too much heaviness. It’s more of the natural-looking lashes, even with the smoky eyes.”

Autumn’s lighter colors are also giving lids a sweeping touch, and it’s the finishes are providing them with a new glow. Bosley comments that soft honey gold, cocoa brown, copper, bronze and ivory will be appearing on eyes this fall, and Wiebelt adds, “There are a lot of variations of gold, taupe, chocolate brown and colors in that palette with more shimmer. With the shimmer, that can be very forgiving and very easy to wear.”