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Sunset Season

By: Abby Penning
Posted: July 23, 2008, from the August 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Healthy, glowing skin takes the spotlight for the season, providing a great palette for any color or hue, and helping the woman herself to shine through. “Skin is usually the first thing people notice about a person, and if skin looks great, you just use the makeup to accentuate that,” says Luque. “So you need a good, even complexion and foundation that has great, natural finish—skin that looks very healthy and taken care of.”

To get just the right luminosity, it’s a must to employ proper skin care. “Skin is definitely going to be much more fresh-looking,” says Wiebelt. “One of the most important summer-to-winter skin-transitional rituals that should always be practiced is to shed that summer-skin look using a product to brighten and one to even skin tone.”

Erika Bosley, marketing manager for Sormé Professional Cosmetics, also offers the reminder that exfoliation is an important preparation step to cleanse pores, smooth and sweep away dull skin and also adds that applying a makeup primer can protect and smooth the skin for an even foundation application and flawless finish.

However, to really enjoy a lovely complexion this fall, hydration is the key. Taubman-Walker explains, “Making sure you are keeping the surface of the skin hydrated complements the texture in makeup, and hydrating before a makeup application is great—foundation goes on a lot more evenly, and it really helps minerals go on and stay on.” As Corey affirms, “It’s just that natural sheen to the skin—skin that is really hydrated, not powdered down and cakey. And with the color on the eyes or the lips, that sheen on the skin is important for it to be healthy-looking.”

Of course, proper protection from the sun is also always a good idea. “I find over and over again that, going into fall, people start thinking they don’t need sunscreen anymore. But you really do still want that peaches and cream complexion, and to get that great, soft palette, you need to use plenty of sunscreen,” says Taubman-Walker.

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