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Makeup Tips to Help Clients Look Their Best!

Posted: October 18, 2010

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There’s no need to embrace it all (although I LOVE how bold the looks were). Just add one unexpected color into your regular makeup routine to give it a fresh perspective. Something as simple as adding eyeliner with a bold color can change your entire look. Scared of a bright red lipstick? Bright pink, coral, orange? Rub some onto your lips as a stain, blot and then add a clear gloss. You’ll have the “illusion” of a strong color without committing to it full on.

Many women today go straight from the office to a night out. What is the quickest way to change a “day” look into an “evening” look?

Easy! Add lots of eyeliner and double up the mascara (upper and lower lashes). A better coverage foundation is also a good idea if you’re the tinted moisturizer type. Always remember, evening makeup is seen in lower lighting, so you need to apply more for it to show up.

What are your top makeup pet peeves?

My biggest peeve is the, “I want a natural look” statement. Unfortunately, anyone over the age of 21 does not look their best without makeup. What you want is not “natural” but “neutral”. The best no-makeup looks use neutral colors to sculpt and accentuate your best features while not appearing like (color) makeup. My second biggest pet peeve is the “can you make me look 10 years younger” question. Want to look 10 years younger? I have the name of a fabulous plastic surgeon!