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Berries in the Spa

By: Laura Carson Miller
Posted: September 25, 2008, from the October 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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The numerous benefits of berries such as goji, açai, naseberries and seabuckthorn berries have certainly not been overlooked when it comes to the production of new skin care products. The nutricosmetics trend, a category that was born out of the creation of food and drink products that are marketed for their beautifying properties, directly encompasses the you-are-what-you eat theory. Manufacturers figure if it is healthy to put inside your body, it is healthy to put it on the outside of the body, too, particularly because the skin is the body’s largest organ.

Berry-formulated skin products address such issues as redness, inflammation, acne, wrinkles, dry skin and skin discoloration. Oftentimes, cleansers, moisturizers, masks and other treatment products containing berries are popular in spa treatments and for at-home use.

Berry benefit education

Sharing information with your clients about the benefits berries offer for skin radiance and for overall healthy aging is a vital part of the complete experience they enjoy when visiting you. Even though they may not ask outright, many clients do want input concerning ways they can improve the look of their skin through diet and exercise regimens, and not just through the use of various skin care products, treatments and spa visits. Educating clients about the important role of nutrition as it relates to their skin is yet another building block to help solidify your role as a skin care authority.

Graf explains, “I think it is essential for estheticians to speak about the health and beauty benefits of berries through their phytonutrient wealth and extraordinary ability to provide the body with alkalinizing energy. It is not only important for estheticians to dispense skin care advice and products but also internal beauty supplements—the most important being alkalinizing powdered green and powdered berry drinks.”

One way to showcase berry benefits in your workplace is by offering fresh berries as a snack, along with water and green or berry teas. Have a weekly or monthly berry-related recipe your clients can take home or included a printed fact sheet about the advantages of berries in their diet. Also, having berry-related supplements, such as capsules, powdered drink mixes or nutrition bars, available for purchase in your spa shows your strong commitment to the increasingly powerful role berries can play in a healthy lifestyle.