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Q & A From The Truth About Cellulite webinar with Peter T. Pugliese, MD

Posted: April 21, 2008

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A. I am not sure of how much caffeine is in coffee grounds, but the effective chemical is most likely caffeine.

22 If a person is on Theophylline E R for asthma, will it help the process?

A. Not likely to help since theophylline is excreted in the urine and does not appear to accumulate in the fatty tissues to any extent.

23. If a woman has liposuction, does it, or how does it effect the circulation process of the MMPs?

A. Liposuction rips out everything: fat, connective tissue and blood vessels. It make a heyday for MMPs since there are no defenses and plenty of inflammation. Net result: It would increase MMPs in the liposuctioned area.