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Q & A From The Truth About Cellulite webinar with Peter T. Pugliese, MD

Posted: April 21, 2008

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A. I believe the two are closely related and have similar causes. Stretch marks are somewhat more complex than cellulite, but I believe the increase in abdominal pressure and the high levels of MMPs in pregnancy (as well as in early puberty) cause stretch marks on the belly and breasts.

14. Does ingesting L-carnitine benefit?

A. Absolutely. L-carnitine will help to mobilize fat, give you more energy and, along with the other treatment agents mentioned above, will really help cellulite. Use it both orally and topically.

15. Does menopause affect cellulite if hormones have decreased and menstruation ceased?

A. Yes, you are still making estrogen, cellulite will continue, basically because your fat cells will make estrogen and MMPs will continue to be produced by fibroblast, even though you have no periods. Much of this is due to the decrease in total body collagen production and an increase in production of MMPs.