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Q & A From The Truth About Cellulite webinar with Peter T. Pugliese, MD

Posted: April 21, 2008

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A. Not really. Abdominoplasty consists of excising a large amount of skin and fat. The only side effect would be a visible scar, which, in the hands of a good surgeon,will fade over a year or so.

27. Is there any easy at-home treatment? Anything with quick results?

A. There are no quick results for treating cellulite. It takes years to produce, and months, if not years, to correct, depending on the individual and severity of the cellulite. Current treatment is intended for home use and consists of topical preparation, support pantyhose and walking. Lymphatic drainage is an effective ancillary professional treatment.

28. Is there anyway to strengthen the connective tissue?

A. Two current ways. 1. Block the destruction with OPCs, and 2. Stimulate the formation of collagen with asiatic acid and vitamin C.