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Reflections: The Making of an Esthetician

By: Melinda Taschetta-Millane
Posted: May 28, 2008, from the June 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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From there I took office education in school and got a part-time job working in the accounting department for a large company. I was a senior in high school, taking my first accounting class and going to my first “real” job. I went to school in the mornings and then went to work in the afternoons. The next 25 years found me working as a receptionist, secretary, bookkeeper, and finally, assistant controller. I got my associate’s degree in accounting in August 2004, and made the decision not to continue on with my accounting education. I didn’t like any of my accounting classes, and when I told people that, they would ask, “But don’t you do that for a living?” I told them that I liked my job, I just hated the classes. I like working at Allured and have learned so much and not just about accounting. Before I started working here I had never heard the word “esthetician.” I started reading Skin Inc. magazine each month, and I even worked two years at our Face & Body trade show in San Francisco. I also attended our America’s Expo trade show in Chicago every year but one. Working here really exposed me to the world of skin care and I loved it, but the thought of becoming an esthetician still hadn’t crossed my mind.

A couple of weeks after my mom died, I found myself looking online for makeup classes, but everything that came up in my searches had to do with becoming an esthetician. I still didn’t think about doing that, so I put makeup on the backburner. Colleen—my co-blogger, former co-worker and classmate—was getting ready to graduate from college and was talking about going to either cosmetology or esthetic school. We shared a cubicle wall, and during the next few months, talked a lot about it. Colleen checked out all the schools, and would then come back to work and tell me about them.

The more she talked about it, the more I started thinking about it. I put cosmetology out of my mind because of how long I would need to go to school and mostly because of the schedule. I wasn’t sure I could do four nights a week, plus Saturdays and work full-time. I started thinking about esthetics and wondered if I could really do it, but I wasn’t sure about waxing … especially bikini waxing. Plus, I knew there was going to be science involved, and I never did well in that subject. Also, even though it had been three years since I earned my associate’s degree, it still seemed too soon to go back to school. But when Colleen went to check out the school we attend now and told me that their part-time schedule was two nights a week plus Saturdays for one year, I started thinking more seriously about it. And when she came to work one day and said she had made the decision to go to esthetic school, I told her I wanted to go, too.

So here I am, already halfway through school. I was so scared to start, but once I did, I loved it! It was such a good feeling to finally find what I wanted to do with my life. My family and friends even noticed how much happier I seemed. After a really rough year with my mom, it was nice to have something positive going on.

Making My Dream a Reality

by: Colleen