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An Industry of Progress, Part III

By: Mario Montalvo
Posted: December 1, 2011, from the December 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Rancho La Puerta in its early days.

Rancho La Puerta in its early days.

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Doreen Palmiere is a holistic health practitioner, certified and licensed in massage therapy, specializing in cellulite massage, with extensive training in spa techniques. In 1979, she opened Firm-Her Body, and her unique program has helped women reach their weight and fitness goals through lifestyle changes.

According to Palmiere, “From what clients and colleagues have told me, there is an overabundance of massage therapists and many of them do not have quality of touch. I entered this profession more than30 years ago and made massage my career choice because I saw how much we can affect the way a person feels, not only about themselves, but how they react to everyone and everything else around them.

“We have all felt the impact of the economic setbacks in the United States, and although my clients may book appointments less often, they still return to me. I have also tried to stay creative in offering my clients different variations of my treatments.

“As for our future, there is no question that finances may remain tight, but we must keep up by introducing new techniques and, most importantly, follow up with clients by relating to them and providing solutions to meet their needs. Remember that touch is our most important asset, coupled with a passion for what we do.”

Marisela and Robert Higgins Owners, Studio 55 Day Spa and Salon, Laredo, Texas