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An Industry of Progress, Part III

By: Mario Montalvo
Posted: December 1, 2011, from the December 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Rancho La Puerta in its early days.

Rancho La Puerta in its early days.

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Jon Canas is also the author Energetic Skin Care, which outlines the principles of his approach to wellness.

According to Canas, “The day spa industry grew too fast during the boom years before the recession. That attracted too many opportunistic people and companies to cash in, crowding out more qualified people and companies.

“Above all, the industry needs a new vision. Well-educated therapists, estheticians and massage therapists should see themselves as the first line of defense in containing and dealing with many health issues that might be detectable at an early stage, or that can be prevented by modalities within the reach of spa personnel.

“Spas should become places where wellness coaching is serious business. In relatively simple ways, a number of things can be offered to change the quality of life of their consumers, physically as well as emotionally.”

Doreen Palmiere, Owner, Firm-Her Body, San Diego