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Mintel Beauty Innovation Reveals Key Trend for 2011; Mary Bemis of Organic Spa magazine Explains How to Make Green on Green

Posted: January 7, 2011

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Consider the packaging, as well. Many companies are coming up with more and more sustainable and unique ways to package. Look for as little waste as possible in this department. How can a spa market to green clients?

Bemis: There are a number of ways to market "green" to clients. Here are a few.

  • Strike the wellness chord. People are investing more than ever in their health. By choosing an eco-friendly line, you are helping them take better care of themselves.
  • Establish a Green or Sustainable Day or Week to promote awareness.
  • Highlight a natural or healing ingredient in one of the lines you use (chamomile, rosemary, honey, etc.) and offer it in a tea, herbal pack or other offering.
  • Choose "sustainable" over "green." This is resonating more with today's consumer who is looking for responsible choices in every area of their lives. Strive for sustainability in all areas: economically (reduce your energy costs); socially (encourage your employees to take part in the community--clean up a park, for example); and environmentally (use organic products, plant trees, create a booklet for clients full of conservation tips or take-home spa health and beauty tips).
  • Walk your talk by creating an eco-friendly space—from the lighting to the paint on the walls, to the cleaning products to the books and other retail items. In the retail area, start small by selling natural/organic lip balms, candles, hand lotions or refillable water bottles with your logo. Offer organic teas, juices and drinks.
  • Give back. Find an organization that mirrors your business and support causes related to your industry. The spa industry should consider choosing water-related charities because of the huge amounts of water spas use.
  • Take stock. Review every room in your space and make a list of those items or efforts that are sustainable.
  • Create a sustainable spot on your website as a platform to showcase your efforts.
  • Create green goals: Come up with a one- or two-year road map and stick to it. Give your staff paths to follow, dedicate a Green Team Leader or Green Champion who can keep momentum going and can keep an eye on the road map you've planned.