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Create Client Satisfaction Through Accountability

By: Walt Zeglinski
Posted: August 1, 2011, from the August 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

In today’s highly competitive business climate, most successful skin care facilities are finding new and creative ways to win business. By building customer-centric business plans and increasing commitment to company-wide execution, they’ve managed to succeed in a turbulent economy. Most of all, these facilities have discovered they simply cannot afford to make mistakes in their customer relationships. They strive to “out-execute” the competition in every aspect of their business that touches the customer. These organizations understand that the key to creating loyal clients is building a culture of accountability.

Skin care facilities that foster accountability run like well-oiled machines, as people and processes work in lockstep to achieve more predictable and profitable results. Positive accountability is combined with high levels of employee satisfaction, because individuals are enabled with the right resources and management support. There are three keys to creating a culture of customer accountability: exceptional leaders, process discipline and workforce engagement.

Setting a direction

Establishing a customer-accountable culture starts with developing exceptional leaders. These leaders have a foundation of management expertise that can maximize the talents of their teams as they keep them focused on their clients. Six job functions that are critical for exceptional leaders: communicating, planning, organizing, controlling, staffing and leading. Leaders who are effective at these functions consistently elevate the performance of their people. When market conditions are constantly in flux, leaders must be exceptional. They must find new and better ways to improve performance.

Doing things right

Process discipline is the fuel that accelerates client accountability. This typically involves a regular, top-down examination of goals and tasks, enabled by a plan for overcoming obstacles to success. But a consistent methodology is not enough if there is not a clear understanding of the importance of clients to accomplishing key business drivers. Identifying and planning to execute on these is the key to energizing employee commitment to individual goals, as well as those of the skin care facility.

In years past, many spas have been able to succeed because of great services, products and people. When markets get tough, accomplishing the same results requires more. Process discipline drives accountability and ensures success even in a turbulent economy.

People make it happen