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Boost Business With Blogs and Podcasts

By Peter Koeppel
Posted: January 2, 2008, from the January 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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      Blogs are almost like an online community. Because of this, they offer a great way to talk about your company, its culture and any industry trends. Blogs provide easy forums for delivering information to clients about new treatments or offers, and for building relationships with clients. Likewise, if there was some sort of crisis occurring in the company, it’s a way to get the facts out there so you can deal with the situation quickly.

      Reach out to people who will contribute to your blog. In other words, you can ask people from within your company to post entries, as well as outside experts or clients. Be careful though, because a blog makes it easy for a disgruntled team member to post information that should not be public knowledge, such as proprietary data or trade secrets. Therefore, if you allow employees to post entries, establish some control over the content.

      Whatever you do, don’t create fake blog entries. Some companies with blogs may post entries posing as a client or outsider, and say wonderful things about the company. That approach usually backfires because people see through it. Be honest with all of your entries.

      You can find a number of inexpensive or free blogging services online that can help you set up and maintain your blog.

      A podcast is essentially your own radio show on the Web. It’s an extension of a blog, where you make your entry more personal because you’re actually speaking the words, not just typing them. Before you dismiss podcasts as something only kids listen to, take note: According to a comScore, Inc. study, people between the ages of 35–54 make up about half of podcast listeners, and they are more likely than average to download podcasts. As such, podcasts are a great choice for small businesses because they can help boost the company’s credibility and sales without having to invest much. Consider the following key points.