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Welcome to the Future: Spicing Up Your Space With the Hybrid Concept

By: Heather Hickman
Posted: July 31, 2014, from the August 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Welcome to the Future: Spicing Up Your Space With the Hybrid Concept

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6. Instill trust. This is a deeply held aspect of a skin care facility’s overall mission, which must be carried out at every level. One area where many small businesses drop the ball is keeping current on Facebook, website and e-mail communications. Someone on the team must be tasked specifically with grooming and nurturing these digital areas daily. An unanswered question on your website, for instance, makes clients think you’re out of touch with today’s world.

7. Reveal your process. Offer classes and mini-sessions in which you and your team, as well as other experts, talk about ingredients, treatments, equipment and how your services and products benefit the skin. Encourage questions; these are not threats to your authority, but rather opportunities for you to further demonstrate your expertise. Along the way, it is possible that you will discover gaps in your own knowledge. Let’s hope so—this is an incentive to learn more.

8. Share knowledge. Do you have a “secret sauce”—a technique that you think sets you apart, makes you special and is the hidden key to your success? You may gain more clients and more respect from your peers if you give them access to what you know, what you learned and how you learned it. This commitment to educating yourself, your peers and your clients continually drives the bar higher in terms of advancing professional excellence.

9. Empower at all levels. Organizations take on a sort of resonant frequency. It can’t always be heard, but it can be felt. This gets back to the idea of how company cultures are formed. If there are deep inequities, as often is the case in a traditional hierarchy, there’s an aura of unhappiness, especially from junior members or people who effectively are at the bottom of the food chain. When team members feel devalued, first they disengage. Then they get nasty. It’s easy to say, but success depends upon the enactment of empowering all team members equally. This means weekly meetings where team interaction is genuinely solicited with no risk of punishment from management if problems are voiced.

10. Incorporate a two-way conversation. Be sure to include clients in the conversation and let them know that what they have to say matters, whether good or bad. Inevitably, there will be an unhappy client. Do whatever possible to make it right and, more importantly, learn from it. True, there is the occasional client who is implacable and, once in a while, even a superstar skin care pro has a bad day. But every great service professional knows that client complaints always warrant the deepest respect and examination. Learning what people don’t love is how great businesses create experiences that clients adore.

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