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Getting Carded

By: Elizabeth Myron
Posted: June 23, 2008, from the May 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Have you had this treatment before? This question probably is the most important piece of information, especially from a first-time client. As you know, clients like to hop from technician to technician, as well as from spa to spa. This only seems to take place when something has gone wrong during or after their previous treatment experience. In asking this question, the technician can determine if allergic reactions, such as redness or irritation, previously occurred; if, during waxing, skin lifting or scabbing resulted; and if they saw results and were happy with their previous treatment. Just knowing that the client has had this treatment before will highlight the fact that they have a greater understanding of the procedures and what to expect, both pre- and post-treatment. Simply repeating the treatment without prior knowledge could result in similar problems occurring that were experienced in the past, and you will end up with an unhappy client who will continue to switch spas. Consulting the client and getting the right information will create customer loyalty, and a satisfied customer always will bring you business.

The purpose for and expectations of the visit. These are two really good questions to ask your client before all spa services are completed. It will enable you to match their concerns with the appropriate treatment, as well as introduce procedures that will deliver the desired results. By determining their issues and expectations, you can target future service and home-care needs.

Customized consultation cards

You more than likely are beginning to get an idea of how beneficial this tool can be. Keep in mind, however, that one consultation card my not be suitable for every treatment you offer. Create facial, waxing, body, manicure/pedicure and hair client consultation cards to ensure that the questions you ask are related to, or appropriate for, each service provided. Following are some standard questions that your waxing consultation card should contain.

Do you take or use any products that contain isotretinoin, tetracycline, retinoic acid, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), glycolic acid or hydroquinone? In some cases, clients using these products can experience slight skin removal or scabbing after having a depilatory waxing service. Along with these questions, make sure to discuss recent microdermabrasion, chemical peels, glycolic peels, sun exposure or tanning treatments.

Are you on any medications, including birth control or blood thinners? Knowing your clients’ medications and medical conditions will assist you in determining if they are suitable candidates for a particular treatment, and may prevent treatment or product reactions. For example, in recent waxing procedures, clients who use blood thinners have been known to bruise easily.