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A New Look at Cellulite, Part II

By: Peter T. Pugliese, MD
Posted: July 23, 2008, from the August 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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General measures. One of the first things a young medical student learns in medical school is the Latin saying, “ Noli nocere,” meaning “Do ye no harm.” I use this saying as the foundation of my new treatment recommendations for cellulite. Remember, you are treating seriously damaged tissue; tissue that has been sadly abused. So no rolling or suction or pressure or harsh chemicals or dissolving injections or liposuction. Also no baking, boiling or frying.

First, it is important to support this damaged tissue with a pair of support-type pantyhose, such as Alive or Supp-Hose, since Sheer Energy is not quite firm enough, but will do if preferred. The reason behind the use of support pantyhose is to provide additional support for the weakened tissues, and I care not a fig if it is not fashionable: take your choice, good-looking legs and support hose, or thongs and cellulite.

Support hose come with a plus. You will reduce your chances for getting spider veins and varicose veins, as well. You will shunt more blood up to your skin and head, with the result that your skin will look better and you will think better. About 40% of your circulating blood is in your legs and buttocks when you stand or sit. With support hose, you push this blood upstairs where it can do more good. When you walk, you will pump even more blood up the body. Furthermore, you will be less tired at the end of the day.

The next thing is food intake control; not a cure, but an ancillary treatment. Mainly, cut out sugars—all candies, cookies, pastries, ice cream and sodas of any kind, especially the diet type. Lay on the proteins of any form, some fat and complex carbohydrates, and a good slug of fruits and vegetables. Plan some walking every day; make a schedule that you can keep, and be realistic and honest.

Topicals. Make sure you apply these products about one hour before you go to bed. In the morning, if you can, apply them, then put on your pantyhose and go for a short walk of 10–20 minutes, longer if you can.