Treatment How-to: Hibiscus and Vitamin A Peptide Summer Peel

For this rejuvenating corrective treatment, recommend that the client bring a sun hat to the appointment and park close by. In extreme heat, have someone start the car for your client so she is not getting into an extremely hot vehicle after this service.

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: $150–175

Contraindications: Do not perform this treatment on clients using tretinoin or isotretinoin, with sunburned skin or active skin conditions, or who are pregnant or lactating; immediately following Botox or other injectables; or immediately prior to or following waxing.

Equipment and supplies needed:

2 x 2 cotton gauze

Firm brush

2-inch cotton gauze

Various gauze pads

Warm water


Products needed:

Milk-based cleanser

Lactic-based cleanser

Salicylic cleansing pads

Natural brightening lotion

Phytic and pyruvic flower acid peel solution

Retinol/peptide serum peel

Step 1: Prepare the skin with a thorough three-step cleanse using a milk-based cleanser, followed by a lactic-based cleanser and salicylic cleansing pads. Layered cleansing is an effective way of preparing the skin for peel solutions or active enzymes without having to do a strong prep.

Step 2: Prepare and de-fat skin with two saturations of a brightening lotion containing natural brightening agents, such as daisy flower. Keep this a milder, nonstripping lipid-reducer with the intent to further remove surface oils and infuse a balance of lightening support.

Step 3: With 2 x 2 gauze, apply firm pressure, working lotion into the skin. Let it absorb and dry.

Step 4: Apply a second layer in the opposite direction for more saturation. Ensure skin is completely dry.

Step 5: Using a firm brush, apply an even layer of a phytic and pyruvic flower acid peel solution to skin. Wait 5 minutes.

Step 6: Saturate 2-inch gauze with the peel solution and apply a second layer with firm pressure. Wait 10 minutes.

Step 7: Remove with warm water and gauze pads. Rinse well and pat skin dry. Using a gentler blend of acids begins the cellular breakdown of skin cells without overstimulating and creating a hot burn. This minimizes inflammation.

Step 8: Apply an even layer of a retinol/peptide serum peel to skin. Let it remain on the skin. The advantage of an “overnight” peel is that it creates less trauma, yet effectively begins the regeneration process.

Step 9: Instruct clients to do nothing to the skin for 24 hours, and avoid sun or heat exposure.

Step 10: After 24 hours, the client may spray the skin with a chilled humectant antioxidant spray and wear SPF 30. During the exfoliation process, give the client additional post-care topicals to keep skin moist and support healing. Daily post-care is a very important part of the recovery of any corrective or peel treatment. Skin will be completely healed in 7–10 days. This is a perfect time to bring the client back for a Double Cooling Mask Treatment.