Treatment How-to: Herbal Balancing Treatment

From The Spa at Miraval Resorts, Tucson, Arizona

Duration: 80 minutes

Cost: $195

Supplies and equipment needed:

Hot towel cabbie

2 metal cups

3 large towels

Cotton blanket

Space blanket

Half sheet

Full sheet

Products needed:

Marma oil

Abhyanga oil

Eucalyptus oil

Room setup: Dampen two large towels with hot water, apply 10 drops of eucalyptus oil to each towel, and put them in the hot cabbie. Layer the treatment table with a cotton blanket, space blanket, half sheet, full sheet and towel drape.

Step 1: Personally greet and escort the client to the treatment room while describing the service on the way. Discuss the client’s health history, and remind the client that pregnancy and hypertension are issues that may require a different service.

Step 2: Ask the client to remove her robe and lie on her back under the towel, leaving room to allow for privacy.

Step 3: Perform an ayurvedic oil massage.

Step 4: At the end of the massage, finish with full body sweeps and prepare for the marma treatment, which should be given with the client mostly undraped and lying on her stomach.

Step 5: Add 3–4 drops of marma oil in a metal cup with just a bit of abhyanga oil.

Step 6: Using your middle and ring finger only, make slow circles using light pressure 5–10 times, then hold 5–10 seconds on each point, using a minimal amount of oil. (Editor’s note: To access a chart specifying where these points are, log on to and check out “Web Exclusive Content.”)

Step 7: Do one point at a time; you can use a “mother hand,” or dormant hand, leading to next point. The marma point therapy should take approximately 10 minutes.

Step 8: Do one side of the body at a time, or you can do the lower half and then the upper half.

Step 9: After completing the points, place hand over the client’s sacrum and heart, and hold for 30 seconds.

Step 10: Ask client to turn over to lie on her back while draping the towel for privacy, and repeat the points on the front.

Step 11: Begin the wrap by covering the client with the sheet and removing the towel drape.

Step 12: Bolster the knees.

Step 13: Remove hot towels with eucalyptus oil from cabbie and place drape towel in cabbie to warm.

Step 14: Place one towel on top of the client and then the other directly on top of the first towel. Make sure to cool towels sufficiently to create a comfortable heat.

Step 15: Wrap the client in layers: sheet, space blanket and cotton blanket. Sit with client and do Reiki, face marmas or gentle massage. Keep the client in the wrap for 10 minutes.

Step 16: Unwrap the client, remove warm towels, remove sheet, and cover with warm, dry towel from cabbie. Give a dry rub over the towel to help warm the client.

Step 17: Place shoes on the floor mat, and ask the client to put on her robe. Inform her that you will be outside the room when she is ready.