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Image For Lead Gen PageEnter to win the Osmosis Evergreen Skin Ritual Back Bar Kit!

Rooted in ritualized results, the Osmosis Evergreen Skin Ritual inspires natural beauty and holistic skin nourishment. This exclusive professional back bar kit contains all of the essentials to leave your clients' in facial bliss with rejuvenated and resilient skin. This decadent, results inspired treatment is suitable for all skin types.Products included in the Evergreen Signature Skin Ritual Back Bar Kit ($325 value):

  • Boost (240ml)
  • Cleanse (240ml)
  • Polish MD (120ml)
  • Stemfactor MD 
  • Tropical Mango (100ml)
  • Skin Nutrition Powder Blend
  • L-Hyaluronic Acid Powder
  • 1 box Facial Infusion
  • 1 set of skincare brushes


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