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Upcoming Webcasts

LightStim LED: A Holistic Approach to Skin Fitness

April 10, 2017 at 12:00 PM CDT

Like good health, “fit” skin is not achieved with any one treatment. Learn about the foundational benefits of LED as part of a successful integrative treatment plan.


On-Demand Webcasts

Compromised Barrier Repair: How to Resuscitate Your Skin

The skins barrier serves a vital function, providing protection from skin-damaging culprits. However, this all-important barrier can easily become compromised. How do you identify a compromised barrier? Who should attend: Spa owners, aesthetic professionals


Treating Melanin in the New Millenium

This webcast will uncover common triggers and lifestyle factors that influence a pigmentary response in the skin, initiating your clients stubborn pigmentation concerns.


Trending Alert: 10 Ingredients for 2017

The beauty industry is always changing, with innovative ingredients, products, devices and techniques being launched seemingly every day. It is important that the skin care professional and spa owner stays on top to make sure they are bringing clients efficacious treatments.


Not All Peels are Created Equal

Chemical peels have been used for centuries and remain one of the most effective methods for clearing a wide variety of skin conditions. This detailed overview of the evolution of the chemical peel will focus on the safest and most efficacious approaches to treatment.


Transforming the Future of Wrinkle-Filling Technology

In this exclusive course, you will learn about the discovery of a technologically advanced ingredient which incorporates the first and only clinically curative Drone science. Drone science targets specific cells to fill wrinkles, which will increase elastin synthesis and HA.


The Global Beauty Facial: Secrets of Seduction Across the World

Introducing the brand new Global Beauty Facial, which merges Western aesthetic techniques with seductive and shocking anti-aging secrets from different cultures around the world. This unique treatment incorporates the best of Shan Meridian facial recontouring, Korean face lifting, Viennese facial techniques, and a wide range of unusual trends to resculpt, firm, lift, improve circulation, and enhance inner well-being. The Global Beauty Facial provides a sensuous new dimension of ageless beauty and overall wellness that will attract clients seeking a unique and memorable spa experience thats so addictive they cant wait to come back.


Does your past success guarantee your future? 3 Strategies for Sustainable Growth.

Join us as we take a close-up look into the future of our aesthetic industry: Buying patterns and consumer behaviors are rapidly changing and this webinar will help you be prepared to service this ever-changing marketplace. • Understand the industry trends and how to put them to into practice. • Learn long-term strategies to drive new customers and retain current customers. • Discover how new technology can improve your marketing efforts.


Understanding Acids: Uncovering the Layers of Skin Peels

During this webcast, Shannon Esau, director of accounts and education at Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals, will demystify acids. She will discuss what is new and trending in the world of acids, and the tried and true formulas that continue to produce results. She will also provide an overview of what every esthetic professional needs to know prior to working with acids, and how best to use them to produce optimal outcomes for clients. Topics that will be covered are: • Brief history of acids, how they are used, and the primary benefits • Types of acids – tried and true, and new • Precautions and post care


30 Skin Care Misconceptions

Are you frustrated by clients inundated with false information? Does this make convincing them to try medical grade skin care difficult? Join us for a fun look at the top misconceptions in skin care to learn: • The best facial regimens to follow, and what you may be doing wrong; • The best cosmetic ingredient choices, and which ones are all hype; and • The best practices to protect skin, including understanding sunscreens. Learn the truth behind the myths!