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Helping Guide Your Client’s Detox

By: Kathy Xydis
Posted: October 2, 2013, from the October 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Helping Guide Your Client’s Detox

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Mood. Detoxing also can increase energy, alertness, and improve your outlook and attitude. When the body becomes bogged down, it may lack the ability to function at its best. This could cause lethargy, headaches, weakness, moodiness and depression. It may also result in the inability to think clearly, sleep well or handle stress, which can affect your clients’ careers, relationships, productivity and overall happiness.

Skin. When the organs and systems become congested and compromised, it is not surprising that the skin becomes affected, as well. The foods a client eats and the environment play a big role in the health of skin. What clients put in their bodies will not only affect them on the inside, but the outside, too—if they are eating nutritious foods, it will be evident by the health of their skin.3

Guiding your clients’ detox

If a client mentions any concerns, such as sluggishness, depression, compromised digestion, skin irritations, acne, headaches or other health issues, they may benefit from a detox. There are many detox programs out there, some that cost a lot of money and others that are difficult to follow. There is no need to choose an expensive, fancy detox program in order for your clients to get the results they desire, nor do they need to follow an all-liquid program to benefit. There are many whole foods that will aid in detoxing and cleansing, without leaving your clients feeling deprived.

A safe, effective detox can be easy to follow, but before starting any type of fitness or diet program, your clients should consult with their physician; especially if they are pregnant or nursing, or have cancer or other chronic diseases. Provide the client’s physician with an outline of the detox process you are proposing. After your clients have their physician’s go-ahead, instruct them to do the following for at least one week.

Eat whole foods; mostly fruits and vegetables. Load up on lots of raw, organic fruits and vegetables. Eating organic is important all the time, but even more so during a cleanse. If you are trying to clear the system of toxins, it would be counteractive to eat produce treated with pesticides and chemicals. Raw vegetables are preferable, due to the loss of nutrients when cooked. Eat at least two meals a day that contain raw vegetables, and be cautious to not overcook vegetables when you do prepare them.