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Helping Guide Your Client’s Detox

By: Kathy Xydis
Posted: October 2, 2013, from the October 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Helping Guide Your Client’s Detox

As always, Skin Inc. magazine recommends that skin care professionals obtain the proper training before offering any new treatments in their skin care facility.

What comes to mind when you think you of detoxing? Most likely, it may be something along the lines of deprivation, hunger and a liquid-only diet. You may wonder how long the benefits of a detox will actually last, and if it the rewards are even worth it. With so many detox programs out there, clients considering starting a program may be overwhelmed about picking the best one for them. The good news is that detoxes do not always have to be difficult and confusing, and eating solid foods can still be involved.

Detox benefits

There are many benefits to detoxing when done correctly. It is a great way to reset a sluggish digestive system; clean the liver, colon, intestines and kidneys; and boost the immune system. When overloaded by toxins, the body is not able to successfully filter out impurities. Systems becomes overrun and blocked, which can create discomfort, sickness, disease, skin problems, allergies and other major health issues.

The body is introduced to numerous toxins on a daily basis. There are preservatives, chemicals and pesticides in foods; pollutants in the air; and chemicals in various products used daily. Participating in a detox plan can eliminate some of these toxins from the body so it can work more efficiently. Although the body functions to eliminate waste and toxins already, sometimes it needs help when it has become overly congested.

Weight loss. During a detox, stored toxins are being released from the body and cells, helping your body to rid itself of unwanted weight.1,2 More importantly, the body is able to better absorb nutrients when it is functioning at an optimal level. Introducing nutritious foods is valuable to your weight and the health of your body overall.