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The Beauty of Blackberries

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: March 26, 2010, from the April 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

I am always tempted by blackberries; not only by their sweet, rich flavor, but also by their sculptural beauty, which is completely natural and yet so incredible.

One of the reasons the berries are so lovely is due to the fact that they are an aggregate fruit composed of many smaller fruits called drupes, which feature an outer, fleshy body that surrounds a seed. The peach is also another example of a drupe.

Abundant in North America, the British Isles and Western Europe, blackberries bloom from mid- to late-June and are grown on a bush that is usually prickly.1

In the kitchen

Blackberries contain large amounts of anthocyanoicides, found in the pigment that gives the fruit its color. Anthocyanoicides are powerful antioxidants that help reverse cell damage caused by free radicals.

The blackberry fruit and leaves contain vitamins C and E, as well as selenium, and blackberry leaves are often used in tea to treat a variety of ailments, including diarrhea and inflammation of the mouth and throat.1