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Cardamom Chic

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: February 24, 2010, from the March 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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the Omega Sensation Smoothie—See the recipe from Executive Chef Chad Luethje of Miraval, Tucson, Arizona.

In the spa

Cardamom features a variety of health benefits that stem from its high amount of volatile oils, such as borneol, camphor, eucalyptol, limonene and terpinine.1 Along with its whole-body benefits, such as assisting with digestion, bad breath and depression, cardamom’s antioxidant and antiseptic benefits help to cleanse the skin. Additionally, its warming properties make cardamom oil great for massage, although it is better to use it on oil-rich skin, and not on sensitive or allergic skin.

As one of the oldest essential oils, cardamom is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a qi tonic that invigorates the lungs, spleen and nerves, as well as aiding in removing listlessness and depression. It also features an uplifting, spicy and refreshing aroma.3

Its benefits are featured in a variety of spa services aimed at rejuvenating and improving skin, such as:

The Spice Island Massage, which features a stimulating aroma combination of cardamom and nutmeg infused into a massage balm—Spa Oceana, The Don CeSar, St. Pete Beach, Florida;