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Food for Thought

By: Eluv
Posted: August 26, 2009, from the September 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Awareness is the first step to understanding and recognizing how your daily food habits accumulatively may affect you, and you can use this same understanding on behalf of your clients to help understand the condition of their skin—and body as a whole—on a deeper level.

Toxicity is a very real issue. By addressing it within your services, you are treating the client holistically and opening up an opportunity to offer new services and retail products. The key is to include and highlight detoxification services, such as detoxifying body wraps, massage and lymphatic drainage, specialty facial treatments for environmentally challenged skin, detoxifying mud treatments, infrared sauna, steam, Epsom salt hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, and other therapies geared toward detoxification.

Making the connection

Personal well-being affects everyone a person comes into contact with on some level. In your case, that includes your clients. As you align yourself with improved nutrition and a healthier business and home, you can increase your own health, serving your clients in one of the highest ways possible—by acting as an example. See Tips for Better Health Through Food for more ideas on how to live healthier with food.

By providing essential spa services and solutions to today’s problems, you can help open the pathway to positive growth in your spa and in yourself, as well as to building new aspects of your business.


R Peat,