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In Eluv’s article “Food for Thought” in the September issue of Skin Inc. magazine, she outlines the importance of eating a healthily balanced diet, as well as what effect it has on your life and your business. Here, learn more about traditional Chinese medicine eating, tasty snacks that follow these principles, and a reading list of other resources you can seek out to learn even more.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and its food healing principles is a complex system that can bring about profound changes in the health of the entire body.

TCM is a system that treats the body holistically, its foundation laid on the principle that every organ in the body is interrelated. Therefore, the sum of all the body’s symptoms or complaints are taken into account rather than only one main symptom. For example, improving and clearing blood stagnation can improve energy, relieve pain and cramping, increase circulation, and stimulate liver qi, or energy. Moving the blood moves the qi, and the whole body benefits.

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