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Spring Cleaning for the Body

Posted: April 17, 2009

As the transition to spring begins, clients' bodies naturally convert and adapt to the new environment. People are going from a contracted and inward state of mind and body to an expansive and awakened state. practitioner Jaena Stanley-Gonzaga, DC, says that this is a natural process that many are already experiencing as they begin releasing toxins at the most cellular level.

“Many people ask why it is important to cleanse your body, and I tell them it’s like asking why it is important to clean your house? When you see a dirty home, it’s irritating and most people feel more calm and at peace when it is clean,” says Stanley-Gonzaga. By doing a body cleanse, all nervous system irritants are flushed away, allowing for less symptoms to express themselves. Cleansing opens you up to more creativity and spontaneity, as well as eases emotions and mood. Cleansing creates more space for healing, regeneration and self regulation to occur.”

Stanley-Gonzaga provides the following tips for a spring cleanse: