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Posted: December 30, 2008

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Don’t energize, relax

Energy drinks have certainly taken the world by storm. But is there a potential change in the offing? If economic woes caused by an overly-caffeinated worldwide financial system are a metaphor for what may happen in food and beverage markets, then get ready for more relaxation offerings.

New product offerings going the relaxation route include Drank Relaxed Energy Beverage (USA) dubbed the “world’s first extreme relaxation beverage” that induces a natural calming and soothing effect when consumed. Also new are Purple Stuff Pro-Relaxation & Calming Elixir (USA), Nescafe Body Partner Relax Coffee, which is decaffeinated coffee infused with chamomile (Philippines), and Lotte Relax Gum Apple Tea Mint (Japan). The latter is a new functional chewing gum with theanine from green tea that delivers a relaxing effect.

Hold the water

Stratospheric oil prices during 2008 caused companies to reexamine how they do business. One realization firms made is that transporting water is expensive, and it is cheaper to have consumers add their own water when possible.