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The Stomach and the Soul

Posted: January 3, 2008, from the January 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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We always include this our signature program—the Surrender program, which is our unique approach to customization. We’ve decided that guests don’t really understand which facial is best for them, so we have asked our guests to surrender to us. Allow us to make your choices for you so that we can help bring you back into balance whether body treatments, skin therapies, physical services—fitness, and within that process, we are able to customize a personal experience to our guests. It may be that every time they come to see us, their experience may be completely different. With that program we do from 2 hours to several days and weeks. We had two guests with us for 2-1/2 months surrendering to us. That’s when we incorporate our smoothies the most because we determine their body type already. We also do it with a variety of other services.

Our contract footbath treatment is enhanced with all natural tossanas from Italy that is focused on equilibrium, cellulite reduction and detox, while we’re doing this, a compact of hot and cold is to increase circulation, and we have the guests sipping this tea depending on the outcome that they are looking for. It really gets the circulation going so they can get the full benefits.

We have a specific spa menu along with what the chef is offering in his restaurant, we have a spa menu within our spa lounges and on the spa pool deck that is signature to our guests. It’s an extension of the spa. Our spa menu includes healthy, unique items that are refreshing for a spa experience. More along the lines of lobster salad, smoothies—that’s how we incorporate that. With our spa’s environment, we are lucky enough to be able to provide a full-day experience for our guests. You can end the day with a personal training session. We encourage everyone to come and spend the day with us.

Food and drink is a must to incorporate nutrition into the spa experience. It’s the whole experience that will bring the body into complete balance. We can customize menus, as well.

I’m excited to hear that smaller spas are looking for this. Start small with something that is realistic. Maybe it’s an organic loose-leaf tea program for benefits. Make connections with a registered dietician you can bring on board on a consultant basis. You could start by maybe providing just nutritional guidance, and start there. To see where is the need, what are our guests looking for, how do we continue grow.