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The Stomach and the Soul

Posted: January 3, 2008, from the January 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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The spa is a central piece within the entire resort.

Lifestyle Kitchen … because I’ve always worked in the destination spas, the easy part of a destination spa experience is to actually be there. The trick is to take it home with you. The Lifestyle Kitchen allows people to take the learning and education home with them. We have a wheel of wellbeing, the aspects of a balanced life. Specifically it’s how you do these things while you are here and how you incorporate these things in how you get back to nutrition.

In every case, it’s what really fits within your program and what you are trying to accomplish. There’s a spa experience for every body. You can get it in the mall with a chair massage or at a destination spa; no one way is the right way.

When I first got here, the building was 1/3 finished. The space where the lifestyle kitchen is was going to be a back of the house plating system and we changed it to be the lifestyle kitchen. Two years ago, this was a fundamental switch in what we did because it was so important that our wellness chef and our nutritionist had a dedicated home. When you come into the kitchen, there is a center island with range, bookshelves and two counters with kitchen equipment pieces that you could find in any home. Chef Laurie does classes in preparation and knife skills.

Intentions into Actions program. I’m going to lose weight, learn this, do that. Let us take your intentions and help be your guide and coach and put actions to them. We started it two years ago at the start of the year and it grew into intentions into action for the bride and groom. How to cook for two. How to use your gifts. We’re going to have a baby: making your own baby food is the simplest thing in the world, we show you how to do it. Laurie works with families. You can’t just do it because it is healthy, but it has to be fun. She will go to people’s homes and she takes people shopping. Laurie is on the aisle lingo … she gets parents and kids involved in an interactive way. She does her presentations and she does a personal chef program to improve kitchen skills and kitchen awareness. We have these for our resort guest and for our members.