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The Stomach and the Soul

Posted: January 3, 2008, from the January 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Again, if it is a day spa that has no food and beverage, they should partner with someone who can provide them with a prepackaged health drinks and smoothies, but you have to do research because when you look at things that are marketed as healthy, they may have extra sugar or sodium.


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT: James Boyce, executive chef, Montage Resort & Spa, Laguna Beach, CA

Our spa is a grand style so we have servers from our pool café that would come into the relaxation area of the spa. We have a whole specific menu we offer at our pool café called Mosaic, and we have a healthier, lighter cuisine: salads, wraps, pitas, vegetarian options made for the spa. It’s available the whole time the spa’s open: breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have everyone trained on how to service the spa. If someone is working out in the fitness facility and wants a smoothie, they can get one. The smoothies change with the seasons. A full alcoholic list is also available, because sometimes it’s a celebration. Most hotel spas or luxury resorts are kind of disconnected because they are often outsourced to come in and operate the spa. Everyone that is hired for Mosaic is trained in spa operations. If it is a women that orders, it is a women that serves. We pay attention to every need. They are treated as if they are dining in a restaurant. They want to have lunch, they can have lunch. It’s kind of a taboo thing. You go to the spa and you don’t eat. We offer a full menu that is conditioned toward spa.

We’re a luxury resort with a great spa. We’re not a Canyon Ranch or Golden Door; you’re coming to the hotel to experience a lot of things: if you want to go that way, you can; if not, you don’t have to. We make sure that our guests are completely satisfied if it’s their decision to indulge. We’re not the check in and get 400 calories type of facility. I believe in moderation, but we do offer some great alternatives.