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The Stomach and the Soul

Posted: January 3, 2008, from the January 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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As you may know, Elenor Brown is the one who developed the menu here. I’ve taken over managing the kitchen and putting together the menu, but am still using her ideas. The Oaks is one of the few spas that has a specific caloric intake setup for people. Throughout the day, planned around the fact that no one’s glycemic level gets too low, we offer breakfast, whole grain muffins, fruit, eggs, yogurt and cottage cheese between 7:45 and 9:15—200 calories and whatever you add onto it. At 10:45, we have a broth break, a blend of steamed veggies and potatoes for potassium, we don’t add any salt or white sugar. We add broth powder and salsa—25 calories, an add in for the day. Between 12-1 pm in the dining room, 350 calories—a soup served. There’s been a lot of press that soup helps people to eat fewer calories and takes away your initial hunger. We do an entrée salad—chicken ceasar—or sometimes a hot meal—pita pizza or teriyaki turkey burger—and we serve a dessert that are gauged to be about 50 calories each.

2:45 a smoothie break—fruit and apple juice concentrate.

The point is to not to go too long between meals.

About 45 minutes before dinner, raw veggies with dips

Dinner is 350 calories, a dinner salad, and an entrée, seafood, poultry or vegetarian. The Oaks isn’t a restaurant … it is a set menu. All dinners are geared to be 350 calories and a dessert based on fruit.