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Eating Vegetables Can Give Your Clients a Healthy Tan With Exclusive Commentary on How to Customize Nutrition Recommendations for Clients

Posted: February 24, 2011

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For example: Congested inflammatory conditions are present in oily, acne- or rosacea-prone skin, or in those who are obese. Dietary intake should include anti-inflammatory nutrients to detoxify and decongest in order to reduce inflammation. The skin care professional should recommend anti-inflammatory foods, such as omega-3-rich foods and fiber, which are necessary in the daily diet. In addition, nutrient-dense antioxidant foods will help reduce the formation of free radicals that occur in high doses during inflammationary conditions. Omega-3 fatty acids are abundantly found in fish, particularly salmon, mackerel and sardines. However, many people have different reasons for not liking fish, so a good quality omega-3 supplement can be substituted. Omega-3 supplemented foods, such as eggs, are now available. To relieve congestion, fiber-rich foods are vital to detoxify the body systems regularly and 15–24 grams are required daily. Advise clients to seek out probiotics in foods and include them in their daily diet to reduce constipation and achieve a healthy digestive system, which will lead to a healthy skin and body. When shopping, check food labels for high fiber content, three grams or more per serving. However, be aware that many cereals tout their high fiber values but can contain a lot of sugar, as well.

Antioxidant-rich foods are also beneficial to help reduce the high presence of free radicals found in inflammatory conditions and damaged tissues. Advise clients to consider adding red or purple fruits, such as berries, or any brightly colored fruits or vegetables to their breakfast cereals or salads, and they will easily reach their 5–10 daily servings of fruits and vegetables without thinking or planning. Not only do they add flavor to meals, but they also add an inviting splash of color! Include favorites such as chopped strawberries, grapes, blueberries or even mangoes, oranges or papaya. Sprinkling a few teaspoons of walnuts on cereals and salads also add fiber, protein and omega-3 easily to the diet. Minimize or avoid stimulating foods, such as fried, spicy foods and coffee, and choose green or black teas that are high in antioxidants. Other inflammatory nutrients include sugar, which should be also be minimized. Choose foods containing less than 10 grams of sugar per serving and be aware of added sugar and salt found in processed foods. It is wise to avoid or minimize foods from animal sources since they are inflammatory and exacerbate skin conditions. Drinking at least eight glasses water daily will help to digest and absorb nutrients, and flush toxins from the body.

For dry, loose, sagging skin, certain nutrients are essential for collagen synthesis. This includes calcium, iron and vitamin C combined with lean protein found in meat or soy, and legumes. If they don’t like milk, they can take supplements. Most clients are unaware that kiwi contains much higher amounts of vitamin C than oranges, and iron is not only found in meat, but also in soy and legumes for vegetarians.

Home-care advice

  1. Advise clients to drink a glass of pure water before and after meals to help detoxify or flush the waste from your body.
  2. Teach your clients how to read food labels.
  3. Offer fruit juice or herbal tea, such as green or black tea, in your spa's relaxation area.
  4. Tell clients to make a ritual habit of eating a fruit with each meal throughout day so they don’t have to remember to do so. Fresh fruits are better and more nutrient-rich than juice because they have a higher fiber content and only contain natural sugar instead of added sugar. However, if time is short, fruit juice is fine. Many spas carry supplements such as omega-3 tablets for their clients. Marketing dietary supplements will not only generate higher income for spas, but will help boost your clients' confidence in you because they will feel that they are being treated, not only from the outside but also from the inside, leading to increased respect for you as a skin care professional professional.