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Eating Vegetables Can Give Your Clients a Healthy Tan With Exclusive Commentary on How to Customize Nutrition Recommendations for Clients

Posted: February 24, 2011

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University of Nottingham. "Eating vegetables gives skin a more healthy glow than the sun, study shows." ScienceDaily 12 January 2011.

Pat Lam tells how to advise clients on increasing their fruit and veggie consumption, based on their own personal skin care needs.

Although most people are aware that fruits and vegetables are necessary in their daily diet, including them is easier said than done. People’s lives are so busy that they don’t have the time to remember what they should eat throughout the day. Clients are more likely to follow advice to improve their nutrient intake if spa professionals shared nutritional advice in a way that is customized to their specific skin or body type.

Education is the best way for people to understand how and why specific nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, will help clients achieve that healthy, glowing skin and slimmer body that they are seeking. If certain conditions are present, specific nutrients will reduce them.