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Treatment How-to: Wild Honey and Strawberry Manicure

Treatment How-to: Wild Honey and Strawberry Manicure

Treatment duration: 80 minutes

Treatment cost: $90

Products needed:

1/2 cup organic strawberry seeds

1/2 cup organic wild liquid honey

Organic coconut oil

Shea butter

Polish remover

Base coat


Top coat

Quick dry

Cuticle remover

Supplies needed:

4 hot towels

Extra dry towels

Nail brush


Birchwood stick



Nail clippers

Hindo stone

Equipment needed:

Manicure bowl with hot, soapy water

Towel warmer

Step 1: Analyze nails, and discuss length and shape of nails with client.

Step 2: Remove old polish

Step 3: File nails on first hand, and check free edges for any roughness. Place hand in manicure bowl with hot, soapy water.

Step 4: Repeat step on second hand.

Step 5: Apply cuticle remover to all 10 fingers. With a metal pusher gently push back cuticles, and clean under nail edge.

Step 6: Remove dead cuticles and any hangnails with nippers on each hand.

Step 7: Using a nail brush and soapy water, gently brush under nail and around the cuticle. Dry client’s hands.

Step 8: Add a small amount of coconut oil to the strawberry seeds and make a paste. Gently work over the top and underside of the hands and wrap them with hot towels, which should remain on for 3–5 minutes.

Step 9: Put honey in the towel warmer.

Step 10: Remove strawberry paste by wiping with the towels that you used to wrap the client’s hands. Make sure all of the seeds are removed. Wash your hands and bring honey to the station.

Step 11: Using half for each hand, massage warm honey into the client’s hands. Wrap hands with hot towels.

Step 12: Remove hot towels after 3–5 minutes and make sure to remove all honey.

Step 13: Use approximately ½ teaspoon of shea butter for each hand and arm, starting at the elbow and working down by massaging each arm and hand.

Step 14: Clean nails with polish remover to remove all shea butter from nail bed.

Step 15: Apply to all 10 nails: base coat, two coats of color, top coat and quick dry. Make corrections with a birchwood stick soaked in polish remover.

Step 16: Thank client and escort her to the front for check out.

Step 17: Clean, disinfect and reset station.

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