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Help Clients Stay Mentally Fit

Posted: May 5, 2010

Many clients seek spas for wellness offerings, as well as relaxation and skin care. Discuss the importance of mental fitness and explain these techniques to spa-goers interested in personal wellness.

In this era of multitasking, people who want to remain mentally fit and focused sometimes end up feeling fragmented and stressed out instead. The May 2010 issue of the Harvard Mental Health Letter offers simple techniques that you can try at home or at work to focus better and think more productively. Much of the advice is included in The Winner’s Brain: Eight Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success (Da Capo Press), a new book from Harvard Health Publications written by psychologist Jeff Brown and neuroscientist Mark Fenske. Their techniques draw from the psychotherapy approaches of cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology.

Following is a sampling of their strategies for staying mentally sharp.

Motivation. When procrastination is the problem, it may be that the task seems too big. First map the steps necessary for reaching a goal, then concentrate on achieving each step.

Focus. To foster focus, turn off your cell phone or e-mail, take a break or walk, and be more relaxed about tasks rather than taking a “hunt and kill” approach.