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Fitness and Nutrition Trends in the Spa

By Michelle Kleist, RD
Posted: January 31, 2007

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       As with fitness, consumers want real-world nutrition. Similarly, a spa’s nutritional options should be natural, efficient, personalized and fun.

       Natural. There are many reasons—safety, nutrition, taste, environment—to buy organic, shop local markets or grow your own garden. More and more people are doing so.

      Efficient. Most people don’t have the time to tend to their own gardens or prepare a week’s worth of healthy dinners for the family. Or do they? They simply may not be sure how to go about it.
       Personalized. Consumers need help figuring out what nutrition recommendations mean to them personally. Some spas employ registered dietitians—the experts in translating nutritional recommendations into practical advice—for consultations, grocery and market tours, cooking demonstrations and fireside chats. All are popular among guests, especially the private sessions.

      Fun. Wine and chocolate at spas? Yes! Finally, trends are moving away from analytical eating, and that means that everything—including wine and chocolate—is OK in moderation.
       Consumer demands drive trends, and what consumers want when it comes to nutrition and fitness is real-world solutions. The more closely you align your spa’s program with practical and personalized approaches, the more successful your program will be.